Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jennifer, Jillian, and Heather

I was so excited and blessed to be presented with 3 different opportunities to work with two of my favorites in the photography business this week - Jeff Nordby and Jen Konopa of Nordby Photography.
I was asked to help plan and style creative photo shoots for 3 beautiful girls.

First, I worked with Jennifer Legorreta. Jennifer is a such a beauty and a joy to style - I'm a huge fan of her exotic dark features. I pinned her hair in a simple chignon bun for the profile shot and then let it down it soft, full waves for the others.
I applied a very basic, black and grey, contoured smokey eye which we maintained throughout all the shots and added a dark red lip for the final image. Our goal was to combine interesting poses with intentional shadowing near the beginning and finish out the hour with an intense scene involving red and black paint.
These are her final images...

For the next shoot, I had the opportunity to bring to life an idea that Jen Konopa and I have been obsessing over for almost 2 years. When Jillian signed up for this creative shoot, we knew she'd be the perfect girl to take on challenge of being covered in frosting, sprinkles, and candy. I'm usually anti-pink, but Jillian makes pink look good. 
I applied a natural shimmery shadow and a pin-up style cat eye with two pairs of faux lashes to Jillian's eyes and a matte, cotton candy pink to her lips for a very baby doll look to start off the shoot. Jillian wore a beautiful Betsey Johnson dress and playfully posed with huge pastel balloons. As we progressed, I added pops of hot pink and lavender eyeshadows and lip colors, as well as a temporary pink hair spray, to accentuate the sweet treats we covered her in. 
Pink frostings, hot pink sugar sprinkles, pink candy everywhere!! 
Jillian did not disappoint. She was adorable and convincing in her role. No one could've done it better! This shoot was a blast and everything we could've hoped for. 

We decided on a floral-inspired theme for Heather's shoot. We designed a stunning head piece at Bagoy's Florist and brought along a wide array of loose flowers in a variety of colors and textures. For hair, we did 3 different looks - long, loose waves, an intricate braided combination of inside-out french braid, fishtail braid, and 5-piece braid, and a sleek, tight top knot. Heather has the most beautiful green eyes and I have so much fun experimenting with different makeup colors on her. For this look, I was inspired by the intense purple and green colors of Irises, so I started off with a subtle green contour on the lid and a vibrant purple lower lashline for her eye makeup. We wanted to transition from hippie flower child to an extremely dramatic, floral nymph, so for the final shots, I added extra purple underneath her eyes and dragged it out into a reverse cat eye.  I used a striking emerald green shadow to line her eyebrows and contour her cheekbones.  With that same green, I filled in her lips - while also adding two lighter shades of lime and mint green to the center of her lips to add depth and create the ombre effect. 
This is what we came up with...

In the final 10 minutes of the shoot, the combination of this makeup change, Heather's beauty and dedication to the concept, and Jeff's incomprehensible lighting and photography talent resulted in the most stunning images I've ever been a part of. I'm so proud of the teamwork and and passion that went into creating this. 
These are unforgettable images.


Thank you so much to everyone involved in creating these images!
Jeff and Jen, without you two, this art wouldn't exist. 
Thank you for sharing your passion and talents and for giving these young women opportunities to see themselves in a different light and build new confidence in themselves. 
Jennifer, Jillian, and Heather - thank you for including me in these shoots. I love each of you and I'm so blessed to have these opportunities to collaborate our efforts and bring our ideas to life.

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