Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Infinite Style

"I hope God is a drag queen. 
So we'll have lots to discuss about
fashion, makeup, and cleavage."
- Cyndi Lauper

Cover Model : Magdalena Martynowicz
Photography/Editing : Hali Carr and Magdalena Martynowicz

There is a very specific energy emitted by someone who looks in the mirror 
and sees themselves differently for the first time. 
If I could bottle that feeling and sell it, I'd make millions.
A scoop of pleasant surprise, the light in a smile, a sprinkle of excitement, 
and an overflowing dose of brand new confidence.
Mix it all together and it radiates to everyone around.
That is true beauty.
If I accomplish one thing by blogging my styling ventures, I hope it is to spread 
that feeling  to more people than I can reach personally.

My blogs will follow my styling work - personal, events, professional photo shoots, experiments, etc. I'll share what products I use, tips & tricks, and my inspirations for it all. 
I can't wait to feature the amazing, beautiful people I am blessed to have as voluntary canvases and the fabulously talented photographers who capture that beauty.

If I can make others feel half the excitement and happiness about my art as I do, I'll consider it a job well done. 

Thank you to everyone who encourages and supports me in all I do!

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A huge, resounding THANK YOU goes to my wonderful, computer genius Aunt Gayle who designed my page for me. Without her, I never would've gotten started.
View her incredible photography here :

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