Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet Cover Model - Magdalena Martynowicz

"Pretty is not enough.
Pretty can turn heads, but beauty?
Beauty can change the world.
Show your beauty."

The powerful face you see in my logo is my cover model and styling muse,
Magdalena Martynowicz.

At 5'9" and a stunning combination of Polish and Puerto Rican heritages, Magdalena has unmatched potential and is well on her way to being a force to be reckoned in the modeling world. This past year has been one of great progress and accomplishment in her pursuit of a modeling career. I'm so blessed and honored to get to play a role in her journey. I'd like to take this opportunity today, on her 17th birthday, to share some of the highlights of her hard work.

Photography/Editing/Styling - Hali Carr
Dress - Forever 21

Early this spring, on a windy, rainy day of 50 degrees, I was asked to style and assist on an outdoor shoot with Magdalena. Though shivering in the less-than-desirable elements, she posed for hours like a true professional and turned out some amazing shots. This shoot was captured by her good friend, 
the very talented Matt Ha of 
WJ Photography.
Photography/Editing - WJ Photography
Hair/MUA/Styling - Hali Carr
One-Piece Swimsuit by Tommy Bahama
Red Layered Necklace by MNG by Mango

In July, we were invited to collaborate with Jeff Nordby and Jen Konopa of Nordby Photography to bring to life a concept that blossomed in Jeff's endlessly creative, artistic mind. With some hard working hands on set, Magdalena's desire and dedication to the concept, and Jeff's photography and lighting genius - the end result was more than we could have ever imagined.

Getting caught in the rain never looked so glamorous.

Photography/Editing - Nordby Photography
Hair/MUA/Styling - Hali Carr

Possibly the pinnacle of Magdalena's modeling endeavors this year was when she auditioned and was chosen as a runway model to represent Lulu E. Bebe, a local boutique, in the annual Clare to Clare Fashion Show event held at the Dena'ina Center on July 26th.

Photography - Alysha Anne Photography / 907 Nite Life
Wardrobe -  Lulu E. Bebe

It was there that she met and was photographed by the incredible Thuy Vo of Vo Photography.

Photography/Editing - Vo Photography
Dress/Accessories - Lulu E. Bebe
Shoes - Model's Own, Steve Madden 

Magdalena was contacted and chosen to be a part of Thuy's vision, to establish Alaska's first exclusive modeling agency. This past month, Magdalena signed her first contract with the agency - dep MODELS. This step will open many new doors and present countless new opportunities for her continued success!

Congratulations Maggie!
Happy Birthday to the most hardworking, dedicated,  
and beautiful 17 year old I know.

left Photography - Model's own, age 12
right Photography/Editing/Styling - Hali Carr, Model age 16

I'm so proud of you!

Photography/Styling - Hali Carr


  1. I'd like to shamelessly throw in that I was the first to do a photoshoot with Maggie, back in high school one summer when she wanted to help me build my portfolio when I was just starting off. I drove her to Goldenview Middle School, where we went exploring and photo-taking. I feel really cool now. hehe
    All joking aside, I'm proud of ya Maggie! You're gonna go far! :)

    -Matt Ha

    1. You ARE really cool, Matt! And very talented. I hope the 3 of us have a chance - spring break or summer? - to get together and create some more amazing imagery!